The Team at
Kenowa Hills

Name: Location: Phone: Email: Title:
Acker, Joe High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8910 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Anderson, Ashley High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8213 Contact Child Life Specialist
Andrasko, Sarah Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6339 Contact Spanish Teacher
Andrusiak, Katie High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8407 Contact English Teacher
Antcliff, Wendy Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4259 Contact Head Cook
Armock, Heather Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4244 Contact Intervention Specialist
Ayers, Danielle Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7206 Contact Middle School Counselor
Baird, Taylor Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7212 Contact Math Teacher
Beikman, Ed High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8294 Contact Math/Robotics/Comp Science/Engineering Teacher
Beke, Jennifer Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3206 Contact Learning Center Lead Teacher
Bekins, Vicki High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8424 Contact Athletic Secretary
Bentley, David High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8260 Contact Math/Physics Teacher
Bernard, Chris Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6205 Contact Assistant Principal
Bessemer, Michelle Middle/High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8404 / 7220 Contact Orchestra Teacher
Bierema, Austin High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8288 Contact History Teacher
Black, Troy Middle/High School 616.785.3225/616.784.2400 Ext: 7324/8302 Contact Science Teacher
Blase, Heather Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5203 Contact Secretary
Bookie, Chris High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8409 Contact Instrumental Music Teacher
Botsford, Lisa High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8269 Contact English Teacher
Bouwkamp, Joshua High School 784.2400 Ext: 8255 Contact Psychology Teacher
Boyd, Chris Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5244 Contact Social Worker
Bradford, Robyn Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6257 Contact K-Knights Teacher
Bradley, Becky Zinser, Alpine 616.453.2461 Ext: 4300 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Brandstatter, Jennifer Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5341 Contact Intervention Specialist
Bretz, Reed High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8239 Contact Vocal Music Teacher
Brewer, Shelby Central 616.647.6351 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Brinks, Kristin Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5261 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Britton, Andrea High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8203 Contact Secretary
Buzalski, Jenna Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4252 Contact 1st Grade
Byle, Ray High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8274 Contact Biology/Physics Teacher
Carey, Emily Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6206 Contact Itinerant Staff
Carlson, Cathy Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7226 Contact Special Education Teacher
Carter, Lenore Transportation 616.453.4757/616.453.2758 Ext: 6302 Contact Transportation Dispatcher
Chiles, Deric Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7208 Contact Itinerant Staff
Christian, Zachary Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7204 Contact Principal
Clark, Anthony High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8258 Contact Special Education Teacher
Clement, Amy High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8306 Contact French Teacher
Colligan, Nicole Central 616.647.6351 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
Compau, Rochelle Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 8401 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
Cooper, Payton Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5258 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
Courtade, Melissa District Contact Board Member
Crawley, Mary District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2225 Contact Administrative Assistant
Curtis, Dave Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7308 Contact Social Studies Teacher
Cusick, Jeremy High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8248 Contact Science/Criminalistics Teacher
Czarnecki, Melissa Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6237 Contact Resource Room Teacher
Dahlquist, Conor Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7299 Contact School Psychologist
Davis, Brooke District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2260 Contact Director of Diversity, Equity, and Mental Health Services
Dean, Alyssa Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4236 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Debri, Jamel Central 616.647.6351 Ext: 6222 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
DeKievit, Peter Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7321 Contact Science Teacher
Devereaux, Megan Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4203 Contact Secretary
DeYoung, Kathi Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6209 Contact Speech/Language
Dinkelmann, Bill District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2205 Contact Assistant Superintendent
Dougherty, Carrie Central 616.647.6351 Ext: 6261 Contact K-Knights Teacher
Dykstra, Michele Alpine/Zinser 616.784.0884/616.453.2461 Ext: 5340/4207 Contact Elementary STEM Teacher
Eadeh, Sarah Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6242 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Ellerbrock, Kim Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5346 Contact Library Aid
Elliott, Matt District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2218 Contact Student Information Systems
Fair, Laura High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8334 Contact Science/Physics Teacher
Feirick, Jason District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2211 Contact Accountant
Fellows, Emily Central 616.647.6351 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
Feutz, Steve Middle/High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8451 Contact STEM Teacher
Fewless, Derrick Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7308 Contact Health Teacher
Finkler, Erica Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4206 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Fitzpatrick, Alexa Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6233 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Fogt, Stephanie Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7335 Contact Math Teacher
Fritz, Elisabeth High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8253/8256 Contact Art Teacher
Fussman, Jen Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7333 Contact Language Arts Teacher
Galindo, Adam 616.430.1471 Contact K-8 Youth Sports Coordinator
Gallagher, Padley High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8297 Contact Business Teacher
Ganzevoort, Ryan Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7215 Contact Social Studies Teacher
Gates, Melissa Alpine 616.785.0884 Ext: 5250 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
Gavigan, Emily Central 616.647.6351 Contact Elementary Special Education ASD Teacher
Gerdes, Stephanie Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6226 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
Gerig, Tammy Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4252 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
Ghareeb, Ann High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8339 Contact PAC Coordinator
Gigliotti, Bridget Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6232 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Gilchrist, John District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2210 Contact Director of Finance
Glanzman, Carly Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6250 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Goller, Aelise Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4256 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Graham, Kelsey Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6264 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
Gransow, Robyn Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 8219 Contact English Language and Art Teacher
Gravelyn, Wendy Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7213 Contact Language Arts Teacher
Greeley, Tracey High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8289 Contact Teacher
Greemann, Liz Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5343 Contact Intervention Specialist
Gregory, Cara Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7330 Contact Language Arts Teacher
Gregory, Melissa Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5248 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
Griffith, Jennifer Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4248 Contact Special Education Teacher
Guczwa, Laura Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7336 Contact Language Arts Teacher
Gustinis, Jeff District Contact Board Member
Haik, Eric Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7205 Contact Assistant Principal
Haines, Joanna Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7337 Contact Science Teacher
Hall, Julie High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8281 Contact Math Teacher
Hammond, Jason High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8254 Contact History Teacher
Harig, Anne High School 616.784.2400 Contact
Hart, Tracey District Contact Board Member
Hartley, Charlotte Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6240 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Hartrick, Kevin High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8910 Contact Math Teacher
Hehrer, Jamie Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4251 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Heinhuis, Molly Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7403 Contact English Teacher
Herman, Shawn Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4250 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
Herron, Jared Pathways 616.784.2511 Ext: 7407 Contact Principal
Heyboer, Chip Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7316 Contact Technology/Stem/Computer Science Teacher
Heyboer, Sue High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8201 Contact Secretary
Hoatlin, Mallory Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7322 Contact Science Teacher
Hopkins, Gerald District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2209 Contact Superintendent
Horner, Cherie Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6204 Contact Principal
Hughes, Alexandra High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8290 Contact English Teacher
Hughes, Julie Zinser 616.452.2461 Ext: 4208 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Huhn, Kim Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 4323 Contact Spanish Teacher
Huizen, Kelli Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7326 Contact Math Teacher
Hulford, Annie Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6247 Contact Music Teacher
Hutt, Justin High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8271 Contact Biology/Chemistry Teacher
Ignatoski, Robert Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7257 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Johnson, Megan High School 616.965.4340 Ext: 8333 Contact Director of Food Service
Johnston, Brooke Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5263 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Johnston, Todd High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8312 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Jones, Linsey Zinzer 616.784.0884 Ext: 5240 Contact Kindergarten Speech/Language Interventionist
Jones, Thea Central 616.453.6351 Contact STEM Teacher
Jonker, Nathan Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7315 Contact Science Teacher
Jorgenson, Joseph Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7320 Contact Special Education Teacher
Keller, Pam Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7227 Contact Special Education Teacher
Kemp, Katie Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6259 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
Klatt, Gina Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3250 Contact Preschool Teacher
Klein, Rhonda Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5331 Contact Head Cook
Klein, Katie Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7315 Contact Special Education ASD
Knapp, Danielle High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8243 Contact Language Arts Teacher
Knudsen, Megan Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7325 Contact Math Teacher
Koch, Dave Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7304 Contact Social Studies Teacher
Kochaney, Erica Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7289 Contact Instructional Coach
Koning, Debie Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3251 Contact Preschool Teacher
Kozal, Jane High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8307 Contact Spanish/English Teacher
Kragt, Madelyn Central 616.453.6351 Contact 2nd Grade
Krueger, Steve Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 8414 Contact Academic Support
Kunst, Shelly Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5241 Contact Intervention Specialist
Kutzli, Leah Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7212 Contact Speech/Language
Labotz, Erin District Contact Board Member
Lancaster, Jared Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7289 Contact English Teacher
Lanka, Julie District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2201 Contact Secretary to the Superintendent
Latham, Pat Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7209 Contact Secretary
Leedy, Steve Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7343/7245 Contact Art/Digital Art/Website Teacher
LeMahieu Dunn, Shelly District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2208 Contact Human Resources Assistant
Lesperance, Ashley Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7258 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Levitt, Ryan Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7311 Contact Social Studies Teacher
Lipinski-Worrell, Kristine Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6248 Contact Art Teacher
Lipscomb, Cali Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3205 Contact Director of Kenowa Hills Learning Center
Locke, Heather High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8284 Contact Biology/Anatomy Teacher
Lovell, Stephen Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5265 Contact KSSN Coordinator
Lugtigheid, Nancy Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4244 Contact Tier II Interventionist
Luke, Jason Pathways 616.784.2400 Ext: 8340 Contact Teacher
Majchrzak, Lauria Alpine/Zinser 616.784.0884 Ext: 5238 Contact Music Teacher
Marks, Karla Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5332 Contact Special Education Teacher
Marquez, Michelle High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8410 Contact Social Worker
Marsh, Carl High School 616.784.2400 Contact Spanish Teacher
Martin, Brenda Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6267 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Martin, Cassie Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3232 Contact Learning Center Teacher
Martinez, Marsha Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6229 Contact Special Education Teacher
Maxwell, Wendy Alpine/Central 616.784.0884 Ext: 5234 Contact Tier II Interventionist
Maycroft, Danielle Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4243 Contact 5th Grade
McCarty, Karen Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3243 Contact Learning Center Assistant
McIntosh, Kate Early Childhood Center 616-647-0910 Ext: 3246 Contact Preschool Teacher
McPherson-Leitz, Kristy High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8245 Contact English Teacher
McVey, Mikie Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5242 Contact Art Teacher
Merryman, Natalie Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4253 Contact K-Knights Teacher
Mikelsons, Jon Middle School/Pathways 616.785.3225 Ext: 7310 Contact Counselor
Moffett, Kim High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8205 Contact Athletic Director
Montoro, Christina Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5340 Contact 4th Grade
Moorehead, Michael Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5249 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
Morrisson, Brent Middle/High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8238 Contact Instrumental Music Teacher
Mortimore, Julie Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5262 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Mucha, Jeff Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 8406 Contact Teacher
Near, Lyndsey Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5259 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Near, Abigail Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5355 Contact Speech / Language
Neuman, Paula Transportation 616.453.4757 Ext: 6301 Contact Director of Transportation
Nicolette, Becky Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5245 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
Noble, Mandy Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4237 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
O'Dell, Charlie High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8206 Contact Assistant Principal
O'Donoghue, Paul High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8302 Contact Math Teacher
Ogle, Erin Central 616.453.6351 Contact Math Interventionist
Ogrodzinski, Kayle High School 616.784.2400 Contact
Olson, Kim Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3201 Contact Secretary
Pacanovsky, Anne High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8341 Contact Special Education Teacher
Papranec, Diane Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5263 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Parzych, Melissa Alpine 616.453.6351 Ext: 6231 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Perez, Christina Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3240 Contact Learning Center Teacher
Perry, Mae High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8272 Contact English/Debate Teacher
Perry, Rebecca Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4234 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Philo, Erica Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4244 Contact Instructional Coach
Piccard, Lauren Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5237 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Pikaart, Cindy Central 616.647.6351 Ext: 6261 Contact Tier II Interventionist
Plantz, Katie High School 616.784.2400 Contact Athletic Trainer
Primo, Stephanie District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2226 Contact Registrar
Przybyla, Erin Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4255 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Rauschenburg, Jessie Central 616.647.6351 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
Reatini, Lianna KHPS Contact Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant
Roberts, Danielle Distict Contact Board Member
Robrahn, Nathan High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8204 Contact Principal
Robrahn, Jane Pathways 616.784.2511 Ext: 8335 Contact English Teacher
Rodriguez, Alissa Central 616.383.9913 Contact Child Life Specialist
Ross, Lee High School 616.784.2400 Contact Health/English Teacher
Ruscett, Cindy District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2252 Contact Coordinator Of Assessment & Achievement
Rush, Lori Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7329 Contact Math Teacher
Ryan, Donna District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2227 Contact Administrative Assistant
Rykse, Jennifer Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4249 Contact Physical Education Teacher
Salmon, Stacy Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5252 Contact 4th Grade
Sarmiento, Bailey Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5250 Contact 5th Grade
Scholten, Luke Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3204 Contact Director of Early Childhood
Schultz, Jennifer Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6235 Contact Special Education Teacher
Schultz, David District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2204 Contact Payroll Specialist
Shaw, Aaron High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8280 Contact Math Teacher
Sherwin, Amy Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5336 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Sicilian, Margaret Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6243 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Sitar, Janet Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3242 Contact Special Education Teacher
Skinner, Vanessa Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4254 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
Sleboda, Camille Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4209 Contact Social Worker
Slupe, Kim Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6338 Contact ELL Teacher
Snyder, Jason Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5204 Contact Principal
Soderquist, Christine High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8257 Contact Government/Economics Teacher
Sole, Rachelle Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6223 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
Sposaro, Sara Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4246 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
St. Pierre, Tracey Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6232 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Stammis, Sarah Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4235 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Sullivan, Jennifer Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4245 Contact 4th Grade Teacher
Swieringa, Faith High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8323 Contact Language Arts Teacher
Thayer, Amanda Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7201 Contact Secretary
Thomas, Kristen Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5350 Contact KSSN Coordinator
Thompson, Sarah Zinser/Central 616.453.2461 Contact Speech & Language Pathologist
Tracey, Renee Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5332 Contact Intervention Specialist
VanDam, Jodi Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6224 Contact Tier II Math Interventionist
Vandenberg, Eric High School 616.784.0884 Ext: 8295 Contact Special Education Teacher
Vanderheide, Spencer High School 616.784.0884 Ext: 8299 Contact Special Education Teacher
Vanderhyde, Nick Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5247 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
VanderKlok, Jayne Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7228 Contact Special Education Teacher
VanderStoep, Madilyn Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3253 Contact Teacher
VanDyke, Trisha Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6216 Contact Speech Pathologist
VanKrimpen, Gabriella Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6245 Contact 2nd Grade Teacher
VanOeveren, Kim Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6201 Contact Secretary
VanValkenburg, Troy High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8237 Contact History Teacher
Verkaik, Jeff Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4262 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
Voss, Jim High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8292 Contact History Teacher
Walejewski, Natalie Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5248 Contact 5th Grade
Walski, Krista Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7203 Contact Secretary
Walters, Jessie Alpine 616.784.0884 Contact 1st Grade Teacher
Webb, Rick District 616.965.4023 Ext: 2217 Contact Director of Information Technology
Weeks, Kendra Middle/High School 616.785.3225 Contact Social Studies
Wentland, Lisa Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6218 Contact Resource Room Teacher
White, Lisa Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 7323 Contact Technology Teacher
White, Brian Central 616.453.6351 Contact Teacher
Wickering, Jim Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6239 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Williams, Jaime Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3249 Contact Occupational Therapist
Willick, Ross Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4204 Contact Principal
Willink, Jen Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6256 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
Willson, Elizabeth Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6207 Contact Intinerant Staff
Wilson, Lizi Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6230 Contact Kindergarten Teacher
Wiltheiss, Sam District 616.784.2511 Ext: 2202 Contact Director of Operations
Wisneski, Lisa Zinser 616.453.2461 Ext: 4262 Contact Special Education Teacher
Woodman, Sheila Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6241 Contact 3rd Grade Teacher
Woodworth, Cindy Early Childhood Center 616.647.0910 Ext: 3256 Contact ECSE Teacher - Virtual
Wormmeester, Amy Middle School 616.785.3225 Ext: 8412 Contact Special Education Teacher
Yancey, Aleece Central 616.453.6351 Ext: 6399 Contact Secretary
Young, Katrina High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8214 Contact Transitions Coordinator
Zajdel, Ryan Alpine 616.784.0884 Ext: 5235 Contact K-Knights Teacher
Zegunis, Rory High School 616.784.2400 Ext: 8242 Contact Dean of Students
Zeuch, Gretchen Central 616.647.6351 Contact 5th Grade Teacher
Ziegler, Meg Central 616.453.6351 Contact Teacher
Zuver, Janice Alpine/Central 616.784.0884 Ext: 5332 Contact Intervention Specialist


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